Wine in Palisade


By Jody Corey,
Published On 07/09/2020

Summer is here and we are so excited! I mean, how could you not be excited for the growing season in Palisade?? Does hanging out on warm summer nights, sipping on wine and craft cocktails, and enjoying live music sound fun? If so, come out to Palisade for a visit. The wineries are open year-round, and Palisade is a cool little town perfect for slowing down, sipping wine and enjoying the scenery. Plus, a mini vacation may be the perfect way to recharge your soul and give yourself a much-needed break.

Let’s talk about wine! What can we say, we like wine, Palisade wine to be more specific. The wine produced in the valley is wonderful and has come a long way from when I first tasted it fifteen years ago when it was predominately sweet, fruit wine. Not that there is anything wrong with that! However, variety is a good thing!

VERY Brief Wine History
The area saw it’s first vineyards planted around 1890. About 4 years before prohibition, the county shut down liquor production and the area remained a dormant growing region until the 1970s. There were a few government initiatives that helped bring it back to life including The Colorado Limited Winery Act and the Colorado Wine Industry Development Act.

For the Colorado grape growers, extreme weather is the most consistent challenge. However, the area’s low humidity reduces the amount of disease and pests that necessitate the extensive use of chemicals required in most of the major wine growing regions. 

How Can We Help?
If you want some advice on where to go, please reach out! Our website has a good list of our favorites, yet we enjoy tailoring our recommendations based on what you are looking for while taking into account your schedule for the day, transportation, wine style preferences, etc. Some of you may have heard it before, but we are NOT the authority on good wine. We give recommendations based on the ones we have tried. That doesn’t mean that wineries we don’t recommend aren’t worthy of a taste! We still have yet to visit about 8 tasting rooms because we cannot seem to find the time and to be honest, we are creatures of habit, BUT we made a pact to try all thirty wineries by the end of the summer.  #winegoals

Hope to see you soon! 
Jody & Jeff

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