The Spoke and Vine is Pet Friendly

Dogs are welcome at the Spoke and Vine Motel. Kids must be on a leash. (Relax, that was a joke!) $25 pet fee. Up to two dogs per room. Dogs are happiest when they are sitting there staring at you, so please don't leave your pet unattended in the rooms. Neighbors are not keen listening to your dog bark. I know, weird. Oh and we have 2 resident cats and a few neighborhood alley cats lurking about. Please leash your dogs to avoid a situation.

Dog amenities: If you are like us, our dogs sleep on the bed. Yes, we are those people, so there's no need to lie about it! In order to protect the bedding for our future guests, we ask that you put an old sheet or blanket to cover the bed. Don't have one, no problem. Ask us and we'll get you and your pup set up properly. A $10 rental fee includes bed cover, dog bed, and water bowl.

To see all of our stay and play policies, read our guest terms and conditions.


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