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You know those old motor lodges?

Run down, dingy rooms with 1970s decor, popcorn ceilings, showers you couldn’t turn around in, shady managers, and dirt-cheap prices? The ones grandpa liked to stay in to save a buck or two on road trips?

Yeah. That’s SO not Spoke and Vine Motel. At least, not anymore.


I’m Jody. My husband Jeff and I bought what is now Spoke and Vine Motel in late 2018 after I stayed a couple of nights at “the old motel” for a girls’ weekend getaway in Palisade in 2017. After what may be considered one-too-many glasses of wine, I proclaimed to my girlfriends, “We should BUY this place! It could be so much more.”

Despite the possibly impulsive, wine-inspired proclamation, the thought stayed with me. Jeff and I have strong backgrounds in property management and hospitality, so it wasn’t a stretch to imagine. But Spoke and Vine is like none other project we’ve undertaken.

We adore Palisade. Everything we love to do is right here. So we spent countless nights staying up late, excitedly planning and discussing what the motel might become. And we’ve since spent months hard at work reinventing Spoke and Vine—just for you.

We’re changing the way you motel.

We’ve poured our hearts into Spoke and Vine. We hope you feel it, too. Welcome. Stay awhile.

xo Jody and Jeff

P.S. In 2021 we opened The Motel Bar! Enjoy local and carefully curated drinks and local food truck fare. Start (or end) your day with a bloody Mary or mimosa, then plan your adventures! Follow us on Instagram for updates on Food Trucks and special events!

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