S&V March Update


By Jody Corey,
Published On 03/20/2020

Hello S&V friends,

We are holding down the fort here at the Spoke and Vine Motel. We are open to provide a safe place for people who are driving through the area. I wish I could say to come to Palisade for a quick getaway, but that would be reckless and selfish and that’s not our style. Our lobby is shut and we are checking people in via text and taking every precaution when cleaning the room after a departure. With 17 rooms, we are able to let the room sit vacant for at least 7 days…more given how SLOW we are.

Jeff is doing his best to keep the mood light and joking around as normal. Laughs are more fun than stressing! Gotta love him! We are not going to lie, we are nervous as the tourist industry will be hit and as a new, small business we were just hitting our stride and coming off the slow season. We will get through it, get creative and press on, one day at a time! I hope that you consider visiting us in Palisade when the time is right and it’s safe to travel. If you have a stay booked with us, please consider moving the reservation rather than canceling it. It would mean so much to us to have you visit another time.

I know we are all struggling with emotions and uncertainty. If you want to talk more, vent, lift each other up, please send us a message or email! We would love to chat.

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