Ever considered fostering a dog?


By Jody Corey,
Published On 03/23/2020

Hello S&V friends,

As our guests know, we are animal lovers and our pets mean the world to us! (One of the cats, Domino, tests our patience daily, however, that’s an entirely different post.) In January, we put down Scout, our darling black Lab who made it to 14.5 years old. That was TOUGH. So tough that we couldn’t really talk about it. We thought Kona was close behind, but as it turns out, Kona is not ready to leave us just yet. She may make it to her 17th birthday at the end of May. 🤷🏻‍♀‍We have been preparing ourselves to be dog free for a while now. Honestly, we didn’t think our dogs would live this long…I mean statistically speaking, it’s a miracle! 🤣

About a month ago, we contacted RezDawg Rescue. This rescue collaborates with shelters/rescues in the four corners area, and in order to pull dogs out, they need fosters to provide a safe landing place while the animal is spayed/neutered and gets ready for adoption.

We want to be able to help animals and find good homes. We are always around and have a fairly flexible schedule where we can be available for a meet and greet at the motel. We hope to raise awareness about adopting and maybe, just maybe, one of our guests will adopt our foster dog. Well…this all sounds great in theory at least!

Once we were approved to be a foster, we agreed to wait until Kona passed, but then the COVID-19 virus hit, subsequently forcing shelters to close down in the area where the animals are rescued. RezDawg put out a desperate plea for fosters to help empty the shelters. We felt compelled to help and thought the distraction would be positive and hopefully bring some joy!

Fast forward to today, we have a foster dog!! Her name is Liz, but we have renamed her Rezzy because she was found wandering on a street on an Indian reservation and we need reservations!! We didn’t know much about her other than she was friendly, good with other dogs and probably good with cats. We picked her up late on Friday night and she’s an absolute doll. This sweet girl is a brown shepherd mix about 2-3 years old, 20-25 lbs, and she’s had a litter of puppies in the not so distant past. She knows some basic commands and listens really well, great on a leash, sleeps without a peep in her kennel, low/medium energy, timid of other dogs, and so far, she’s non-reactive to the cats. Kona’s an alpha even in her old age and needs to feel in charge, and Rezzy is has been very respectful. We are so happy to have her and fingers crossed that we are able to say goodbye for when we find her a home.

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